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Miss Bikini Australia is a reality TV show that will support young models by bringing the professionals and new faces on your screen. Our focus is on confidence, smart, and classy models with the aim to discover an ambassador to represent Australian women to our worldwide audience.

This is a fun entertainment TV show that committed to empowering models and furthering their ideas and goals through the celebration of their beauty, diversity, and achievements. After elimination, the best model will be crowned and get the title of Miss Bikini Australia.

We welcome you to watch the show on TV2 live channel, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook in March 2020. Models can apply now to be part of the show. 


TV2 AUSTRALIA brings you the most popular and exciting event news and showcases the events most magical moments.

Our presenters from all over Australia give exclusive interviews with the organisers and the audience giving you an up close and personal look both at the event and behind the scenes.

THE EVENT goes inside beauty pageants, the most popular nightclubs, fashion shows and more from all around Australia. So keep on top of the action and know what events are happening in your city by watching the latest episodes of THE EVENT on TV2 AUSTRALIA!


Every day we play the most popular Australian music videos on TRACKS and showcase the very best of Australian singers, musicians and bands to our worldwide audience.

Each week we will bring to you exclusive interviews with Australian music royalty who will perform their top hits direct from our studio. The future of music television has us planning concerts and events around the country to bring you your favourite singers performing live from stage to screen.

We also believe in giving young, up and coming Australian artists the chance to have your music heard. Our aim is to promote new talent and give you a stepping stone into the music industry by playing your music videos on TV2.


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