The Only Jewish Community TV show in Australia

THE SHTICK is a valuable resource TV show that showcases the Jewish community with a documented historical link to modern Jewish culture, personalities, lifestyles and events. Led by Producer Henry Greener, the show has presented new and diverse topics each week since 2004, creating more than 620 Episodes continuously over 60 Seasons.

The only constant and regular face of our diversely vibrant Jewish community on TV and online, THE SHTICK does more than just offer an entertaining show rich in arts, culture, information and music that attracts every demographic. It is a vehicle that broadcasts to the wider community information about Israel and the activities, achievements and life of the Jewish Tribe.

It also draws on the spiritual wealth and depth of Judaism, to provide an on-screen forum for Jewish talent, as well as a continual, documented, insight into local life, organisations and personalities. You can watch the THE SHTICK on TV2 Australia live or on demand on TV2 Facebook, YouTube and Instagram channels, as well as on THE SHTICK website and their YouTube Channel TheShtick TV.