Sydney’s New Racing Fashion Competition Game Changer

It’s official. The Fashion Chute has launched, and it’s going to bring a refreshing twist to the game of racing fashion contests in the Sydney racing scene this Sydney Carnival.

What is the Fashion Chute? It’s both the name of the edgy, interior designed space where stylish girls and guys participate in a ‘shoot’ to enter the contest, and the name of the contest itself, which will be taking place over four of Sydney Carnival’s biggest events: Ladies Day (11 March), Longines Golden Slipper Day (18 March), and The Championships Days 1 and 2 (1 and 8 April) this year.

So what’s the big deal? There’s always been a fashions on the field competition hasn’t there? Well yes, but the key difference here is a few discrete updates to the long held traditional rules of the competition could see it open up suddenly to a whole new breed of competitor: the millennial. The new brief is about incorporating current fashion trends into your autumn race wear, and demonstrating your personal style and individuality. Closed toe shoes for the girls are no longer essential, and guys are now allowed to wear chinos and leave their socks at home. Considering the niche market that is usually part and parcel of racing fashion competitions, it will be interesting to see some more diverse style on the podium this year and the game shaken up for the first time in many years.

Who will be the next winner? Start planning your outfits now girls and guys.