TV2 AUSTRALIA is an exciting new lifestyle, entertainment and news channel and is the first non-government owned, Australian television platform to broadcast worldwide from Sydney.

The twist? If you feel that your interests and perspective on life are not represented in today’s media, look no further as TV2 is giving you the opportunity to have YOUR voice, YOUR ideas and YOUR shows seen and heard. We aim to reflect the incredible diversity within our country and it’s up to YOU to make this happen!

Anyone can broadcast their program on TV2 AUSTRALIA. Anyone with the passion to create and produce interesting and unique content. If you are an individual or a group looking to make waves in the Australian media, then read on and follow the steps below.


A standard 1-hour Time Slot is made up of 50 minutes of programming and 10 minutes of promotion/advertising.

Your program should consist of 12 episodes with each episode being 15, 30 or 60 minutes long. It is up to you to decide how long each episode will be.

Producers can utilize up to 10 minutes within each 1-hour Time Slot for advertising and/or sponsorship to assist in meeting their costs. It is up to the producers to source their own advertisers and/or sponsors and take responsibility for any and all arrangements made with your chosen advertisers and/or sponsors.


Time Slots are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. Applications to book a Time Slot should be made directly through the TV2 AUSTRALIA program coordinator, who will discuss available Time Slots and content issues and will then ensure an appropriate broadcast time.

Time Slots are only reserved when the Standard Broadcast Contract has been signed. All applications for Time Slots must be made well in advance of broadcast dates and cancellation or changing of Time Slot bookings will result in a forfeit fee.

By clicking on the link below you can view the ‘PRESENTERS AND PRODUCERS GUIDELINE’ to assist you in understanding the financial potential of each Time Slot. Also you can download the ‘PRODUCERS REGISTRATION FORM’ and ‘TIME SLOT APPLICATION FORM’ and apply for your Time Slot.

15 minutes Time Slot = 12 min Show + 3 min Ads
50 %
30 minutes Time Slot = 25 min Show + 5 min Ads
75 %
60 minutes Time Slot = 50 min Show + 10 min Ads
100 %


1. Producers Registration
To begin the process the producer must fill out the ‘PRODUCERS REGISTRATION FORM’ for registration, security and administration purposes. This is a onetime free registration and your details need to be continually updated should they change in the future.

2. Time Slot Application Form
Before you begin creating your show, you must apply for a Time Slot and submit your TV show idea including subject, timing, main cast, broadcasting time etc. on ‘TIME SLOT APPLICATION FORM’. Once your Time Slot Application has been approved by our program coordinator you can continue through the process.

3. Sign the Time Slot Contract
This is a simple contract that needs to be signed to secure your Time Slot. There is a fee for each Time Slot and the first payment of your TV show Time Slot needs to be made in order to your booking and allow you to use TV2 Australia’s name or logo for advertising, marketing and casting purposes. In some cases you may be able to get a FREE Time Slot from TV2.

4. Pre- Production
We expect all shows produced to be professional and of a high standard. It is your responsibility to create and produce your show, however, we will happily offer our advice and experience to help keep your work at the required standard to avoid any future issues for you and the people you work with. You must also ensure that all material you wish to broadcast (images, soundtrack, advertising etc.) is cleared by the owner of the material, and complies with the Broadcasting Standards Authority.


5. Marketing for your Fund
This is a big opportunity for you to market your own TV show and enjoy the benefits. You can use the advertising and sponsorship space in your Time Slot to cover your production costs and any remaining fund is profit. The marketing process should be done professionally and securely when dealing with businesses. You can see the ‘SPONSORSHIP APPLICATION FORM’ and ‘ADVERTISING APPLICATION FORM’ as well as the pricing to assist you in understanding the financial potential of each Time Slot.

6. Production
When your show plan is finalised and you received funds from your sponsors, it is the time to begin your TV Show production and record it. Producers will be required to use their own equipment such as technical gear, cameras, editing and production facilities. However, we may be able to offer support by putting you in touch with people around Australia who have the necessary skills and facilities to help you produce your show. If you would like to order your TV Show production to TV2 production team then please follow the details on the TV SHOW PRODUCTION section on this page. 

7. Post- Production
Once the filming of your show is complete you can now begin putting together all the final elements such as animations, effects, music, narration, etc. and finalise your edit. Make sure you have the rights for all the content you use and deliver the final production in the correct format to us on time.

8. Broadcasting
After receiving your TV show we will check the broadcasting standard. Once approved we will broadcast your show on the dedicated Time Slot. Now all you need to do is relax, enjoy the profits and watch your own show air on TV2. What now? Time to start planning your next show!


If you have an interest of producing or you have a TV Show idea, but no experience in the media production and producing, you can order your TV show production to our professional team. TV2 production team will support you to create your own show with an affordable price without any hassle. By this way you can focus on your presenting and the creative part of your production as well as you will have more time to achieve Sponsors and Ads for your show. Also we will provide a FREE of charge Time Slot to your show and once your production is completed we will create your TV Show trailer and advertise your show on TV2 channel FREE of charge as well.

We offer you 2 type of productions: 

  1. Studio TV Show Production
    If your TV Show idea should be recorded at a studio, then we can provide TV2 studio based in Rhodes, Sydney for your production. As we have multicamera and live editing systems in our studio we will provide your TV Show with an affordable cost in a quickest time. On the below link you can see the ‘STUDIO TV SHOW PRODUCTION PACKAGE’ and find out more about our pricing for this service.

  2. Reality TV Show Production
    If your TV Show idea is a reality show and should be recorded at different locations, then we can provide our professional camera team with portable filming equipments and record your show. On the below link you can see the ‘REALITY TV SHOW PRODUCTION PACKAGE’ and find out more about our pricing for this service.

To start your production you need to have a meeting with TV2 production team. You should write your TV Show idea including subject, timing, main cast, broadcasting time etc. on ‘TIME SLOT APPLICATION FORM’ and bring it with any similar TV Show samples for review to the meeting. Once your Time Slot Application has been approved by our program coordinator and our production team, then we will send you an invoice for your production service and after receiving the first deposit we will start your TV Show productions. You can watch the below TV Show episodes from our other producers and see this samples to get some ideas about, how you can Create Your Own TV Show and Broadcast it on TV2.