An Entertainment TV Show For Who Loves Bikini Models

Miss Bikini Australia is a reality TV show that will support young models by bringing the professionals and new faces on your screen. Our focus is on confidence, smart, and classy models with the aim to promote Australian fashion brands to our worldwide audience.

This is a fun entertainment TV show that committed to empowering models and furthering their ideas and goals through the celebration of their beauty, diversity, and achievements.

The selected contestants will be interviewed and will have the opportunity to be photographed with the best international fashion photographers. After elimination, the best model will be crowned and get the title of Miss Bikini Australia. We welcome you to watch the show on TV2 live channel, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook pages.


Get Close To The TOP 12 Contestants

Name: Your Name Hear
Age: — years old
Height: — cm
Weight: — kg

Name: Your Name Hear
Age: — years old
Height: — cm
Weight: — kg

Name: Your Name Hear
Age: — years old
Height: — cm
Weight: — kg

Name: Your Name Hear
Age: — years old
Height: — cm
Weight: — kg


Register Your Interest By Filling Out The Form Below

Entrants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a natural born female, have a beautiful facial structure and a good body shape.
  • Be aged no less than 18 and no more than 30.
  • The minimum height is 160 cm 5 feet and 3 inches.
  • Have never been married and never given birth to a child.
  • Be educated and have social media skills.
  • Have not committed any crime, have a passport and be able to travel overseas.


The opportunities contestants will achieve from the competition:

  • The winner will be crowned, receive the Miss Bikini Australia title and her name will be registered on the history of the competitions. You also have the chance to be invited to the fashion events as a celebrity model and receive new modeling contracts in the future with your title power.
  • The top 12 contestants will be interviewed and photographed by the best international fashion photographers, receive gifts in the goody bags, and will be promoted on TV2 live channel and our social media pages to millions of international audiences.


Photo and Article Requirements
After submitting your application form, you should send an article for your introduction and a minimum of 6 quality photos as below requirements by email to: casting@imajh.com Our team after selecting the Top 12 Models for each competition, will publish your article and photos on the TV2 website and on our social media pages for your promotion and the competition process. The best model in each competition will be crowned and receive the Miss Bikini title.

Your article should be presented in 300 words with a description of the following requirements:

  • Your name, age, city of your residence, and your occupation.
  • Your favorites such as art, sports, lifestyle, movies, and music, etc.
  • Your goals for the next five years in professional or personal life.
  • And the reason for joining the competition.

You should send 6 or more professional photos according to the following requirements:

  • Your photos should be high quality and printable with a minimum size of 2500 x 3500 pixels and 300 resolution.
  • You should wear fashionable bikinis, done your hair and makeup professionally, and be stylish at your photoshoot.
  • You can have 2 different sets of photos by your choice of indoor or outdoor photography.
  • You should have the permission and rights of using your photos from your photographer.
  • You should provide photo credits such as photographers, makeup artists, or stylist names.
  • We prefer classy style photos similar to the VOGUE or other high fashion magazines.

Competition Steps:

  • Selecting Top 12 from all the entrance
  • Eliminating to Top 6 for Outdoor Bikini Shoot
  • Eliminating to Top 3 for Fashion Bikini Shoot
  • Crowning the Winner